We’ve worked with Melissa Hunter across multiple events as a guest, a speaker, and a marketing partner, and she always brings with her a wealth of connections and knowledge. Melissa has tremendous insight into the Children’s YouTube space coming both from her professional relationships and - even more - personal experiences of being a mother.
— Peter Tatara, Director of Content & Communities, LeftField Media
Melissa Hunter brings to the table passion and authenticity to the new and exciting space of social and influencer marketing. Melissa understands how to organically build a brand with fresh perspective and a keen eye on new tech within various social platforms and YouTube.
— Tiffany Kayar, Integrated Marketing, Spin Master
Melissa is a true talent and brings an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm to her work. She is well-regarded as an important influencer in the toy industry, and has an uncanny ability to authentically connect with audiences of all ages both online and off. Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious and she’s a genuine pleasure to work with. And she inspires us all to be more playful!
— Mary Kay Russell, Executive Director, WIT - Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment
Melissa is among the most savvy and competent experts in the influencer marketing space. She has a distinct talent for connecting creative and business professionals, drawing from her experiences on each side of the industry. She is my go-to reference for advice on discussing delicate business topics with digital influencers and always seems to know the best phrasing for engaging people on difficult issues diplomatically.
— Jonathan Katz, CEO, Clamour
Melissa Hunter is a top social influencer in the toy industry. Her trusted relationships with toy manufacturers, retailers, and experts make her an authority in the world of playthings. Her YouTube videos reach millions of consumers, and her radiant personality shines in each and every video. I have had the extreme pleasure of hearing Melissa speak to other influencers on numerous occasions, and each and every time she exudes a perfect combination of professionalism and casual humor that few can master. She is a personable, passionate person full of knowledge, which she is always eager to share with others.
— Laurie Schacht, Chief Toy Officer, Toy Book & Toy Insider
Melissa Hunter brings energy, joy and passion into everything she does. She’s entertaining, motivating, authentic and truly a change maker in the toy and tech arena.
— Ashley Mady, President, Brandberry; President of WIT - Women in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment
Melissa not only understands influencer marketing from the brand perspective and the creator perspective, but she is also able to communicate the ins and outs of the topic with her typical humor and grace to audiences who are lucky enough to hear her speak. She’s always generous with her time and her knowledge, and it’s a pleasure to work with her as a PR rep for a top toy company, because I know she is a wonderful brand ambassador and champion.
— Sheena Stephens, Group Vice President, MWWPR
Melissa is dedicated to promoting play and toys in a very thoughtful way. She is very professional and provides excellent insight on how to engage families through social media.
— Adrienne Appell, Director, Strategic Communications, Toy Industry Association
Melissa Hunter has shown how much she values creators through her support of and participation in the Internet Creators Guild, joining as a Founding Member and then bringing her network in as our first bulk membership partner.
— Laura Chernikoff, Executive Director, Internet Creators Guild
Melissa Hunter is an outstanding partner and brand advocate, who is always an absolute pleasure to work with. Her dedication to both her clients and network are rivalled only by her genuine enthusiasm for what she does. This balance of business savvy and personal experience in the social space makes her an incredible partner with whom to build meaningful campaigns.
— Anne Cayer, Senior Account Manager, Zeno Group Canada
Melissa Hunter is inspiring and engaging to her vast loyal community and beyond. She is not only professional, dynamic, and brave - with keen attention to detail - she knows how to communicate fun. Her audience wants to try what Melissa is trying. A bond is created with everyone Melissa comes in contact with, whether in person or over social channels.
— Mary Couzin, CEO and Founder, Chicago Toy & Game Group, Inc.
One of Melissa’s best qualities is she’s a connector. She is constantly connecting people to other people and business in this industry. She knows everyone and genuinely wants everyone to succeed. This industry can sometimes be harsh and quite often people are only out for themselves. Melissa is the exact opposite of that. She always has a smile on her face and nothing but kind words for everyone in the room.
— Katie Smith, Director of Business Development, SavvyComm
I honestly love working with Melissa Hunter. She always goes out of her way to help others, no matter how insane her schedule is. I also respect her professional opinion as she is the master at what she does and helps so many others within the YouTube world. Melissa Hunter is loving, kind, professional, brilliant, hardworking, dedicated, and fun.
— Janis Van Tine, Vice President, GennComm PR
I really enjoy working with Melissa, and she has been a fantastic partner to us in offering key insights to a creator’s perspective and needs in working with brands. In a field that is constantly changing, I appreciate her open communication and value her deep knowledge and experience from her own channel and also across the entire toys and family vertical on YouTube.
— Noelle Dong, Manager, Marketing Partnerships, Mattel Creations
When it comes to Toy Influencers, Melissa Hunter wrote the book. She and the team at Family Video Network create that gotta-have excitement that is original, genuine, and most importantly, fun! You can truly say she lives and breathes toys!
— Dave Malacrida, PR & Media Relations, WowWee
Melissa Hunter is such a pro! She has worked tirelessly, creating engaging content that kids and families love to watch and rely on! And, in the process, she has made herself and Family Video Network a trusted go-to partner for brand and IP owners around the globe. She totally understands the power of communication through YouTube and all of the related offshoots that have come along the way.
— Genna Rosenberg, Principal, GennComm
Melissa is truly a pleasure to work with. We really enjoyed having her be a panelist at Golin LA Digital’s ‘The Road to Relevance: Accelerating Brand Value with Influencers’ panel, where she shared valuable insights from her creator perspective with PR specialists, brand clients and other industry professionals. Her upbeat energy and knowledge of the influencer space was terrific.
— Deanna Avila, Manager, Golin
Working with Melissa and the Family Video Network is a dream. When you’re juggling multiple toy brands and you need an influencer group that is knowledgeable, passionate and reliable, this is your go-to team! Melissa’s honesty with her fans keeps her a top and trusted influencer. Authenticity is key in influencer marketing, and no one is more real than Melissa and the Family Video Network!
— MaryAnne Van Tyne, Global Social Media Marketing & Communications Manager